Saturday, 18 February 2012

Top 5 Best Sewing Bloggers on the Net

The group are away this week so - to keep you entertained - here is my list of the top sewing bloggers on the internet. I know you'll comment with '..but what about blah-blah?' and 'You need catnip Red Kitty because such and such is fantastic!' And you know what? They probably are.
But if you are still mighty indignant after reading this, put your comments down at the end and we'll see. Heh-heh.

5. Green Apples
Music teacher and sewing addict Jessica from Kentucky USA shows us how to sprinkle a little fairy dust on that pattern you wouldn't look twice at, let alone purchase. Once she sews it, you'll buy it.

4. Very Prarie and Petit Main Sauvage - joint 4th place
Kristin from the mid-West sews the oddest but most beautifully constructed creations on her blog 'Very Prarie'. See a Vivienne Westwood-inspired 'Anglomania' waistcoat to a Japanese knotted 'Magic' dress. Sadly now defunct (last post in 2010) it's still worth reading to see how a little creative thought can elevate every pattern.

For experimentalism at it's very best try Lauriana from the Netherlands with her blog Petit Main Sauvage. Such creations shouldn't work, wouldn't work, but somehow they do - but only on her!

Another experimental and beautifully sewn creation 
from Lauriana of Petit Main Sauvage

Immaculately groomed mother-of-three Adrienne from Alabama shows that confidence is what really elevates your sewing projects. Whatever pattern you thought was too young for you, too short or too revealing, she will sew it and change your mind instantly. You'll ask yourself, is that the same pattern?

Like normal sewing but SO MUCH BETTER. 

Adrienne shows us a thing or two
about confidence.

Elaine May is known for gifting planet Earth with her self-drafted pattern Coffee-Date Dress. Thousands of women have and will, for many decades to come, sew this dress - and it's a beauty!
Very funny blog with great pictures from a woman who takes perfect-fit, perfect fabric and designer detail to the next level. She throws in even MORE free patterns on her blog...just don't expect any instructions.

Elaine May wearing a trench-coat she made out
of one of my distant cousins.

Portugese Tany is simply PHENOMENAL! Deserving of the number 1 slot, Red Kitty has never seen anyone sew as many garments as her, as WELL as her. She truly deserves to put the word 'couture' in her blog title because anyone who can produce a near-perfect copy of a Burberry zip-detail coat from two patterns and her imagination must be given ultimate respect. 

The kind of sewing you only dream of doing....

Tany's version

 The real Burberry

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