Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sew helpful - Colleen G Lea

Being a cute kitten rather than a full-grown cat, Red Kitty is still in the early stages of sewing. So when I made the ubiquitous 'Coffee Date Dress' by Elaine May last year, my feline calm was positively ruffled when I had to complete the all-in-one-facing on the bodice. I scratched not only my head but mewed over every sewing book I could to find for a decent explanation. Screech! Scratch!

Eventually I turned to every crafters best-friend; YouTube. My kitty rage dissolved instantly when I discovered the most fabulous channel; run by sewing expert Colleen G Lea. 
I had that all-in-one facing done in 10 mins flat and primped my whiskers. That's right

A great website run by a great seamstress who knows all the tricks of the trade. She's also shown Red Kitty how to hide shoulder seams and how to sew inseam pockets (properly). No longer is the seam ripper my best-friend. 

Well, not exactly.....

Catford South Sewing & Knitting Group is completely FREE of charge, thanks to Lewisham Council. Use it or lose it.

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