Saturday, 11 February 2012

Quelle surprise!

Week 2: 18 weeks left. That's 4.5 months to make your hats, gloves, dresses, trousers....

With RK and the rest of the group eagerly awaiting three sewing machines, we were instead delivered three sturdy knitting machines! Gulp. Needless to say, I promptly purred and sniffed over them in a curious way, hoping the secrets of automatic knitting would be revealed to me but alas, I was no nearer to the truth. The truth? You can't handle the truth Red Kitty! 
All jokes aside, we are extremely grateful to receive these machines. However, as everyone hand-knits, the general consensus was that these beauties may have to find another home. If anyone out there knows how to work one, come on down! :)

One of three knitting machines donated to the group

Jenny proudly displays her lacy knit scarf with
pattern on the diagonal.

Speaking of hand knitting, Jenny's project of a lace-effect scarf in white wool got some admiring glances from the group. Not for the beginner this. The pattern is tricky and steely concentration required  to ensure the diagonal pattern comes out purr-fectly. So beautiful...

On the sewing side, Delphina put the finishing touches oVogue 1194 a casual dress in crepe jersey. Apparently the blind-hemming was no walk in the park but she completed after two seam rip-outs and was pleased with the final result. If at first you don't succeed, hem and hem again. :)

Vogue 1194 completed by Delphina
in royal blue crepe jersey

And Red Kitty? Well thanks to coaching from Marilyn, I resumed knitting after a 30-year hiatus. My lofty ambition of knitting a hat for openers has been relegated to a test square. And the picture below tells you why! Until next time...

Catford South Sewing & Knitting Group meet every Saturday (except 3rd in the month) at the 
St. Laurence Centre, SE6 from 11am - 5.30pm.

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