Thursday, 21 June 2012

No more free patterns on Burda (sob!)

Hello my kitties! (cackle) RK was surprised to discover that Burdastyle has completely REMOVED their section of free patterns. This is a terrible pity for sewists everywhere, especially beginners who use simple patterns to get going. Also, a lot of the patterns were drafted by fellow sewists (Elaine May's Coffee Date dress for instance) and so it brought the sewing community together.

Here's hoping Burdastyle change its policy and bring it back....

Sunday, 3 June 2012


The group celebrated the Jubilee in fine style! A hearty spread was put out and Marilyn finished her beautiful Amy Butler dress. As we'd all predicted, it is a beauty - well constructed and looks absolutely fabulous on her. The perfect summer frock for any occasion and it was a perfect fit on Marilyn and did not need a single adjustment. RK has to throw out an apology here, this lovely creation is based on Simplicity 2588 and not Simplicity 2444 as I'd written in previous posts. I was having a senior moment (ahem). All corrected now!

Marilyn is her finished Simplicity 2588 in Amy Butler fabric
(quite lovely, I'm sure you'll agree)

And so, back to our Jubilee celebrations. RK and Marilyn decided to lay on a festive spread, courtesy of Lewisham Council. As the group will soon be disbanding (queue violins) it seemed the right moment to push the boat out and have a little party. smile
Sandwiches, crisps, grapes, cakes, biscuits, homemade scones, teacakes, sausage rolls and lashings of Schloer were munched and crunched over the session.

Del, Cleo, Jean, Val, Marilyn, Joan & Liz toast the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

In other news, Val finished Simplicity 2322 by hand in a lovely blue butterfly fabric she bought in Lewisham for only £2. The lady on the market stall outside Rolls & Rems clearly has some hidden treasure buried on her stall so be sure you check it out!

Simplicity 2322 handsewn by Valerie

Del finished New Look 6968 in African fabric and it fit her like a glove! An easy pattern to make she said she is definitely making another. Val copied the pattern and will be making her dress soon and Liz will be cutting it out next week (shh, don't tell the New Look company), so you'll be seeing this dress a good few times before we close. 

Del in New Look 6968 sewn in African fabric

Liz cuts out the lining for a linen maxi dress

It was a busy day at the group but lovely as always. Liz came in for a few hours to cut the lining on a maxi dress, Del cut out a New Look prom dress in African material, whilst patchwork and crochet were being done in between much eating and laughter! Although we will be ending in a few weeks time, we were happy to come together, it was a wonderful day to toast the Queen. Gaw'd Bless you Ma'am.