Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A sewing frenzy

Sewing has now officially taken over from knitting at our group. Where once the clickity-clack of needles could be heard, it's now been replaced with the drone of several electric sewing machines. Lovely!
This week the group drew a new member - Marlene, a local resident who needed a little help in beginning  a blank cross-stitch. Second time someone has wandered in with one of these, thankfully we did have a kind member on-hand to assist. Not always the case. 

And then there were five (p.s. I'm taking the pic)

Vicky continued with New Look 6723, I tackled New Look 6097 and Marilyn (again) completely finished another skirt from New Look 6843. smile

A member kindly helps Marlene begin a blank cross-stitch

New Look 6843 made by Marylin. The perfect summer skirt for afternoon tea.

Marilyn reckons New Look 6843 is dead easy, she's now made two for her upcoming Caribbean holiday. But be warned, the waistband has plenty of ease so worth double checking before you sew it on or you'll end up with a massive skirt!

On New Look 6097, I'm nearly done with this and will post finished pics next week. However, it's not a simple pattern. I would advise anyone having a go to cut and match your notches correctly or the pockets won't lie down when you sewn them to the side seams. Also, it has a faux wrap at the front which you'll need to bring under and sew down. So basically, you'll need to pin it in place while you're wearing it and 'carefully' take it off. The sleeves roll up but the instructions are rubbish, so wing that part. It also has (bear with me, I'm getting to the end) an elasticated waist which needs a casement.
If you can get through these minor hurdles, it's a fabulous dress!

Vicky is adding a cotton lining to the bodice of her New Look 6723. She wasn't going to but changed her mind. We tried to cajole her into adding a little netting underneath for a 50's look (we have a free box load of netting) but she was having none of it - ha! She reckons the pattern is straight-forward and it's certainly looking rather splendid. Pics next week. Promise!
RK may make a muslin from Vicky's pattern and have a go herself - austerity sewing! :)


OK, so here we have the charity section. If you like the idea of sewing for a worthy cause, read on!

Days for Girls International works to get washable feminine hygiene kits into the hands of those that would otherwise go without. They advocate and partner with NGO's and agencies to teach women and communities to create their own hygiene kits. However, they welcome help and assistance from sewists to make sanitary pads and bags so young girls in developing countries can manage their periods with dignity and go to school. If you'd like to get involved, you can visit their website download the patterns and get in touch with an organiser.

To honour the re-opening of Blackheath Library, a local resident is inviting you to take part in the creation of a textile artwork for permanent display in the new community library.
Knitters, embroiderers, quilters, crocheters, spinners or just anyone with an interest in working with textiles is welcome to participate in this exciting project.

Catford South Sewing & Knitting Group is completely FREE of charge, thanks to Lewisham Council. Use it or lose it.

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