Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Look is THE look!

Week 7 : 13 weeks left. That's 3 months to make your skirts, maxi dresses, shorts, trousers....

A chink of sunshine, the chirrup of birds and suddenly everyone was dusting off their sewing machine for a summer wardrobe! Dresses, skirts, even upholstery were being carefully constructed to the sounds of Heart 106.2.  Curious visitors dropped by, sandwiches were demolished and a thoroughly good time was had by all! 

Perhaps it was the half-price sale on New Look patterns this month or just a 'coincidence' but 3 out of 4 patterns on the go were New Look. 

Four machines, four thirsty ladies on coffee break!

Marilyn, after a 10 year sewing hiatus, stunned the group by constructing New Look 6843 in 5 hours flat. She cut, tailor tacked (oo-er), sewed and finished the skirt in record time, best of all the gorgeous Hawaiian style material she used was FREE, having been donated by 
Just goes to show, you're never as rusty on the machine as you think you are.

New Look 6843 made by Marylin in record time!

While Marilyn showed us all how it SHOULD be done, RK broke out New Look 6097, a simple faux wrap dress with pockets in polyester. Did I say 'simple'? What I meant to say was New Look totally deceived me because it has TWELVE pieces and - gulp - yokes. What exactly IS a yoke? Answers on a postcard. All I know is that yoke pockets never sit in the side seams properly, they look like pointy triangles. Laugh! To be continued....

New Look 6097 in construction

Vicky continued with New Look 6723, a gorgeous summer prom dress in red and black. Sorry, forgot to get a picture of this dress in progress but here is the pattern for your delectation! I'll make a note to take a pic of this gorgeous creation next week.

As mentioned, we've had a few visitors swing by to take a look with the promise of joining the following week. We also get people asking the group to sew/knit for charity and although each and every project sounds worthwhile and worthy, it is up to the discretion of each member if they want to do it. The group sew and knit for personal pleasure first and foremost.

If you'd like to join in, please feel free to come along. Stay 30 mins or the whole session, it's totally up to you!

Catford South Sewing & Knitting Group is completely FREE of charge, thanks to Lewisham Council. Use it or lose it.

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  1. Hi!
    i have a question for you: didi you find any difficulties with pattern New Look 6723? I'm working on it and I think it doesn't fit as it should.I'm quite good at sewing, but there's something wrong with the side parts...
    If you want to share your experience you can write me: (laura from Italy)
    Thank you!