Saturday, 21 January 2012

The cat's pyjama's

The south London sewing and knitting community are the cat's pyjama's. Fact!
No sooner had the group been granted our little funding than we received offers of help.

Red Kitty's imaginary tail curled in delight when local resident Mary Curtis offered to loan us her 'Diana' dressform for the group to use. Of course, we will take good care of it and it should be a real bonus for everyone who wants to alter garments.

'Diana' dressform, on loan from local Catford resident

I was feeling rather overwhelmed; a good purring session and catnap would have been in order if the email hadn't 'pinged' with another amazing offer.

The kind owner of, asked Red Kitty to take 5 boxes of unwanted fabrics off her hands. Meeow! I fired up the Catmobile (yes, cat references will be profuse on this blog....FOREVER) and went round with a Cheshire grin (see, it's so easy to do, why avoid it?). And look! From strips to samples and from one yard to several metres, there are lots and LOTS of fabrics! create 1950's-inspired feminine dresses that flatter all women. And these remnants are testament to how good the quality is. She also does commissions and bridal.

3 of 5 boxes of fabulous off-cuts and full yards

Black sheer polka-dot.
Are you thinking the one shoulder of McCalls 6466?

Disco metallic to red taffeta

Just think of the trims, underskirts, sleeves, bags, clutch purses, dresses and scarves this lot will make!
I think I need a lie-down and a saucer of milk, it's almost too much.

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