Saturday, 21 January 2012

Catford chic

An oxymoron? If anyone has been to Catford, the word 'chic' is not one which immediately springs to mind unless you add the words '-ken shop' to the end.

Red Kitty rather fancies that glamour, good taste and a Chanel-like style exists in Catford. If only in the minds of some residents (like me). A few weeks ago I started putting together a 'Look Book' for the group, to show which patterns pay homage to which designers. I sharpened my kitty claws and began cutting out pictures from all over the web. Not as many knitting fashions as I'd like, but they're coming. It's just that when I see a ball of wool I go crazy (wink)!

Sample page from the 'Look Book'

Classic 'Chanel' jacket re-interpreted by McCalls & Vogue

Catwalk maxi-style available via Burdastyle

Free hand knitting patterns on the web.
(Don't you love the vintage sweater? Meeow!)

The cutest baby dress Red Kitty has ever seen!

Red Kitty hasn't picked up knitting needles in nearly 30 years (eek!), so if any knitters are coming along a quick tutorial WILL be needed and I will happily join in and try not to make a scarf. x

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  1. I went along today. What a hive of activity!!! The chat and tea was good too.

    Great idea..I've joined!