Sunday, 6 May 2012

Voila! One new sewing machine.

Elna 2600, our 'anyone can use it' machine

And so it came to be that the funding finally came through from Lewisham Council to purchase a sewing machine for the group. The council agreed to the original proposal, where a sewing machine should be provided for someone who doesn't have their own machine or cannot lift a machine.
So if you've wanted to join our group but didn't have a machine of your own, now you can join in!

And where better than to buy a new sewing machine for use by Lewisham residents? Well, Deptford Sewing Machines of course! RK took a visit to the 30+ year old family-owned shop on Deptford High Street and was warmly greeted by the owner Tony.
He took me through many different options; mechanical, computerised - both! And after a dizzying array of machines were presented,  I decided on an Elna 2600. I took the view that an occasional sewist joining the group would appreciate a simple-to-use mechanical machine and this one fit the bill nicely. Smooth stitching, lots of interchangeable feet, drop-in bobbin and solid metal case, all for the princely sum of £170.

Deptford Sewing Machine Centre

Tony, owner of 'Deptford Sewing Machine Centre'

In addition to selling the latest (and also vintage) sewing machines, overlockers and accessories, Deptford Sewing Machine Centre also service machines, starting from £40. So if your old Singer hasn't worked for years or the foot pedal is busted on your Brother, why not ask Tony and the team to quote you for a repair? Yes, sometimes buying a new machine is a more sensible option than repairing an old one, but if you've had many years out of your old machine, it's a workhorse and the problem is small, it won't hurt to get a price. Costs nothing to ask.  
And if you don't want a new fangled machine, don't be pressured into buying one.

Our lovely 'community machine' as we should probably call it, is raring to go, so don't be shy, come down and join the fun with us at St Laurence Centre! 

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  1. I can confirm that the new Elna sews beautifully! It even makes a smooth, purring sound!!