Saturday, 14 April 2012

Summer beckons

Week 11: 9 weeks left. That's 2 months to make your shorts, kaftans, skirts, t-shirts....

Despite it being Easter Saturday, members duly packed up their sewing kit bags and came to the group - wahey! And a fun time we had too!  Delphina completed a maxi dress number, Red Kitty cut out some patterns, Marilyn tackled a pair of summer trousers and Liz, owner of 'Dolly Mix Dolls' made all her clothes but in miniature. smile. More on that later.

Butterick B5644 (view A) in African cotton

Maxi dress completed by Delphina

Liz, owner of 'Dolly Mix Dolls' making clothes in miniature

The wonderful thing about this group - which everyone who attends agrees - is that you meet such fabulous people. People you wouldn't ever bump into or guess what their hobby is. Like Liz, owner of 'Dolly Mix Dolls' a new business which retails mixed race dolls with interchangeable hair and clothes so they reflect the diversity of children today. Dolls are white, mixed-race and black. Liz and her mum Anne make their little doll clothes and no outfit is repeated, every doll is unique. 

A naked 'Dolly Mix' doll

A doll as Diana Ross - using donated material!

The dolls are very reasonable (£14.99) and Liz is trialing market stalls in south London, if you see her please give her your support. 

That's all for now folks, until next time.

Meeow for now

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